Mental illness is common.

Talking about it isn't.

Let's change that. 

Knick-KnOTs is a hub for all things mental health, as seen through an occupational therapy lens. We provide resources, skills, and services to improve mental wellness.

Kelsey Nicks, founder of Knick-KnOTs is a licensed and registered occupational therapist, writer, and mental health advocate. She has personal experience managing her own mental health and professional expertise treating others to do the same.

What is getting in the way of living the life you want? 

There are many barriers preventing us from a fulfilling life.

Let's work through them together.

Occupational therapists utilize functional treatment activities to help you live a full, independent, and meaningful life, whatever that looks like for you. Our treatment is individualized, client-centered, and creative. This isn’t talk-based therapy. This is doing.